Why Work With Ashton Thomas?

Ashton Thomas is a privately held investment firm with the sole mission to advise Foundations, private Banks, affluent individuals and families in the complex business of protecting and enhancing their wealth. Every day brings a new set of investment challenges and opportunities and our team works tirelessly to anticipate and advance what’s next—applying collective insights to help keep our clients at the forefront of change.

Our core values of independence, excellence, integrity and respect continue to form the foundation of everything that we do. With these values it allows us to take a holistic approach to managing your investments, aiming to put your investments and life in harmony. Our vision is to pursue excellence in everything we do.

Ashton Thomas is committed to ensuring that our relationship with you is founded on a genuine and long-lasting partnership. Where clients first is ingrained in the way we do business and a highly personalized, boutique wealth management experience, is delivered to each Ashton Thomas client.