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Wealth Creation & Preservation

We draw upon leadership in all wealth management disciplines, offering an extensive range of resources to our clients. We put a lot of thought into integrating our exceptional capabilities in a way that makes sense for each client, and continually expand our wealth management services to meet clients' future needs.

We analyze each entity within your portfolio, including IRAs, trusts and credit facilities, as well as special situations such as business interests, concentrated stock positions or executive compensation. This enables us to quantify the impact and opportunities of your current holdings and recommend appropriate strategies to address any gaps or issues from every vantage point. In doing so, we are able to identify important implications of each element, such as potential tax ramifications, liquidity considerations or other issues.

Investment Management

We help you preserve and grow your wealth through objective and carefully considered investment strategies, estate and gift planning, charitable giving, personal tax preparation, and business succession planning.

Our Investment Approach

The foundation of our investment approach is strategic asset allocation—the practice of identifying and assembling the appropriate mix of asset classes to maximize returns at a given level of risk.


  • Our firm has a strategic long-term view that is the key building block for our recommended asset allocation that we consistently assess and dynamically adjust based on market insights and expectations.
  • We complement this longer-term framework by anticipating and acting on shorter-term market swings or disconnects between and within asset classes.  Navigating these opportunities and risks in this way, while maintaining a long-term, disciplined course, is critical to investment success today.
  • To make the most of opportunities, we also look beyond traditional asset classes and add alternatives that have the ability to leverage market anomalies or by identifying how a specific investment class can serve a given portfolio purpose.
  • The more granular, adaptive and active a portfolio can be, best positions our clients to realize or exceed goals by maximizing opportunities and mitigating the risks that this ever-changing and challenging investment environment presents.

Personalized Approach

When creating investment portfolios, we take into consideration our clients' specific goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, growth expectations and liquidity requirements unique to each client. Our seasoned team will then carefully implement an individualized portfolio designed to help our clients achieve their objectives and manage their wealth according to their evolving circumstances.

Alternative Investments

With a unique combination of resources and capabilities, Ashton Thomas offers quality advice and distinctive investment opportunities. We apply innovative strategies, guidance from among the best minds in the industry and rigorous due diligence to help you select the most appropriate alternative investments.

We provide access to products and investment levels that may otherwise be only available to institutional investors. These instruments traditionally include hedge funds, managed futures, private equity and real estate funds. Because their returns generally do not closely track those of the broader stock market, these instruments can provide increased portfolio diversification.

Multigenerational Estate & Succession Planning

Though careful estate planning can be a complex undertaking, it delivers clear rewards — peace of mind for you now and security for your family down the line. By establishing a well-considered and comprehensive plan today, and updating it as needed, you'll help ensure that your wealth and your vision for it survive far into the future.

At Ashton Thomas Private Wealth, Estate and Succession Planning  starts with a thorough understanding of your situation and objectives and continues with thoughtful recommendations and close coordination with any other personal advisors. As external influences or personal circumstances change, effective wealth planning is consistently sustained through diligent management, the highest fiduciary standards of service, and proactive counsel. 

We collaborate with Estate Planning Attorneys and CPAs to assist in the continuity of financial planning and investment management to offer the following:

  • Fiduciary Services
  • Wealth Protection and Transfer
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Asset-Specific Analysis and Planning
  • Estate Settlement and Administration

Family Office

Increasingly, high-net-worth families are relying on family offices to coordinate the many various aspects of their wealth management. Complex tax issues, global holdings, trusts — a family office can take responsibility for these, as well as run foundations and oversee other legacy-building endeavors. Of course, not everybody needs so broad a range of services. The duties of a family office can be diverse or more limited, depending on your specific needs.

While every family is different, the mission of all family offices is nearly always the same: to facilitate the wealth management of a family so that its short-term needs are adequately met in tandem with achieving the family's long-term goals. The precise nature and balance of those needs and goals — along with the scope of a family's wealth and activities — are what will ultimately determine how best to tailor a family office's structure and function to a particular family's circumstances.

Retirement Planning

Can your Plan be improved? Let us help you find the answer.

Many retirees plan for too short a time horizon and misjudge how much money they can safely withdraw during retirement.

You want to enjoy your retirement years while knowing your family is protected. Our Wealth Advisors will work with you to build up the funds you'll need to satisfy all your requirements. Ashton Thomas can help you:

  • Determine how long your portfolio will actually need to provide for you.
  • Determine how cash distributions and inflation impact your portfolio.
  • Establish a primary investment objective
  • Set clear goals for your retirement
  • Take control of your existing retirement savings
  • Maximize your use of generous tax allowances
  • Tailor an investment strategy appropriate to your needs
  • Maximize your post-tax income in retirement
  • Adapt to changing circumstances

Prepare Today for the Retirement of Tomorrow

To ensure that retirement lives up to your expectations, begin establishing your plan as early as possible and consider consulting a professional. With proper planning, you can make retirement whatever you want it to be.

Today's investor faces a challenging landscape, and a solid financial plan is crucial to planning your retirement. Making sure an investor has adequate savings throughout the retirement years requires discipline, knowledge and a profound understanding of portfolio management.

Points to Consider

  • As people live longer and healthier lives, retirement begins to take on a whole new look.
  • You'll need to develop a financial plan suited to your specific vision of the future.
  • Under current conditions, Social Security funds could fall short of needs by 2040.
  • You will need to rely on your own personal savings and investments for the majority of your income in retirement.

Risk Management

Because effective risk management is a critical component of any sound wealth management plan, you'll want to approach it with care. While many risk-management options are out there, none should be pursued hastily. By taking ample time to make wise decisions about insurance policies and forms of asset ownership, you can better mitigate the risks to your health and wealth.

Strategic Tax Planning

For high-net-worth individuals, tax planning done well requires careful attention across a wide range of areas.  These areas should be considered  not only within the economic and  legislative context of the next few years, but also with the long view in mind. In taking this approach, the decisions you and your  tax advisors make now should be instrumental in preserving your wealth — not just for your own future, but that of the next generation as well.

Credit & Lending Solutions

Ashton Thomas clients have access to the following Lending Solutions through our partnership with Fidelity and US Bank:

  • Fixed Rate loans
  • Home Mortgages
  • Home equity lending
  • Aircraft and yacht financing
  • Commercial real estate financing
  • Life insurance premium financing

Through our access to Fidelity's Fully Paid Lending Program, you can loan to Fidelity certain fully paid or excess-margin securities that Fidelity desires to borrow. In return, you gain the opportunity to earn incremental income on your portfolio through the securities lending market.

Our Clients

Ashton Thomas Private Wealth serves affluent individuals and families at every phase of their personal and professional lives, from the initial stages of wealth accumulation through retirement, estate planning and wealth transfer.

High Net Worth Individuals & Families • Professionals • Physicians • Dentists • Retirees • Business owners • Executives • Sports & Entertainment Professionals • Endowments & Foundations

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