Foundations & Endowments

We understand that multiple constituencies contribute to an endowment or foundation's success, and we will support the requirements and concerns of each, from board members, to professional staff, to external auditors or other key contacts.

As your trusted advisor, Ashton Thomas WILL:

  • Approach our role with a fiduciary mindset, by putting the organization's mission first
  • Offer access to exceptional investment capabilities across broad asset classes and styles
  • Develop an asset allocation appropriate for spending policy
  • Create a diversified, stable investment portfolio
  • Select an independent custodian
  • Assist with investment policy statement
  • Implement investment recommendations
  • Assist with cash flow planning and fund transfers
  • Provide quarterly comprehensive performance reports
  • Monitor and rebalance portfolios
  • Provide trustee investment education

Our investment principles and contemporary endowment model are designed to create real growth in wealth over complete market cycles.  Balanced by fixed income and alternative investment programs, and with portfolio risks managed through asset allocation, manager selection and investment strategy diversification, our foundation and endowment client portfolios are carefully constructed to perform effectively under a variety of market conditions.

Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive investment management and advisory services Ashton Thomas provides to foundations and endowments.